Preparatory actions
A1 Planning of field surveys
A2 Permits
A3 Establishement of contracts
A4 Preparation of equipment for field survey
A5 Preparation of input data to soundscape modelling
A6 Sea safety course
Implementation action
B1 Establishment of noise measurement standards
B2 Establishment of signal processing standards
B3 Field surveys in Sweden
B4 Field surveys in Finland
B5 Field surveys in Estonia
B6 Field surveys in Lithuania
B7 Field surveys in Poland
B8 Field surveys in Germany
B9 Field surveys in Denmark
B10 Data analysis and quality assurance
B11 Modelling of soundscape
B12 Design of GIS-based planning tool
B13 Establishment of implementation plan and implementation of GIS-based planning tool
B14 Decision chain for management of underwater noise
B15 Data sharing platform
Monitoring of the impact of the project actions
C1 Monitoring of the project impact on management of underwater noise
C2 Assessment of the socio-economic impact of the project actions
Communication and dissemination action
D1 Communication strategy
D2 Artistic sound Installation (LIFE+ information boards)
D3 Project website
D4 Expert communication
D5 Layman’s report
D6 End-of-project workshop
Project management and monitoring of the project progress
E1 Overall project management and management in Sweden
E2 Project management in Finland
E3 Project management in Estonia
E4 Project management in Lithuania
E5 Project management in Poland
E6 Project management in Germany
E7 Project management in Denmark
E8 Project monitoring
E9 Networking and platform meetings
E10 External audit
E11 After-LIFE communication plan