The BIAS project has come to an end

After 5 years of project planning, extensive field work, data analysis, modelling, GIS-work and writing reports, the BIAS project has come to an end. A summary of results is found in the BIAS Layman’s report, which we recommend as an introduction to the BIAS project. A more extensive report, the BIAS implementation plan, deals with the results in a greater detail as well as suggests a regional handling of continuous acoustic noise. Several other reports were published, all of them based on experiences made in the project such as the standards for noise measurements and the standards for signal processing.  All reports are available on the website under Deliverables and are free to download and use.

The operation of the online BIAS soundscape planning tool has been secured until the end of 2018 by the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management. More information on the tool and how to get user access is found under this link.

Thank you all for joining us during this time!


pages from BIAS Implementation Plan


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