The BIAS project has been selected to be presented at the LIFE Platform Meeting on the Management of Marine Habitats, arranged by the European Commission in Madrid, 26-27th of March 2015. The workshop is focussed around three themes:

  1. Regional integration of Natura 2000 issues
  2. Reconciling marine activities and the Natura 2000 objectives
  3. Conservation objectives: definition, assessment and use for adaptive management,

whereof BIAS will be presented together with the SAMBAH project ( under theme 3. Among other reasons, BIAS has been selected as it represents one of the very few projects directly targeting data collection for estimation of Good Ecological Status under the MSFD and it is expected to provide highly valuable results relevant both for the MSFD and for implementation of Natura 2000 areas under the Habitats Directive. Further, it has also been selected as an example of international cooperation, overcoming potential problems such as dealing with data that may be sensitive from the national defence perspective.

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