Recovery and deployment of BIAS sensors

Three instruments have been recovered in Sweden and in the coming weeks the rest of the instruments will hopefully surface. BIAS has in total deployed 38 sensors. Most of them are retrieved after three months. This implies that ships are engaged all over the Baltic Sea to perform the deployment/retrieval of sensors. The actual department times are difficult to plan. It has to do with the local weather conditions. Still we have managed to run the deployment program without any delays. What lessons have been learned?  Many but here are two important lessons. We have lost very few sensors probably due to the fact that we have deployed in areas where fishing is low. The Polish trawl protection seems to work. The sensors have been retrieved even thought some of them have been moved, most probable due to fishing. The next round will be in September when we are performing the last deployment for BIAS. Next year we will go out and retrieve for the last time.

Here’s Emilia at BIAS position 7 right outside Stockholms archipelago.

DSCN0114 A DSG rig on its way back.

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