First BIAS-resurfacing of a sensor in the Gulf of Bothnia

First sensor resurface jan 2014The first retrieval was done by SYKE in the Gulf of Bothnia. The preliminary results indicate that ship noise was present. The sensor rig consists of a sensor attached to a releaser. It was the latter that released the anchor making the rig positive and re-surfacing. The two orange coloured buoys are used for balancing the rig. The hydrophone seen in the top right corner is the highest point when the system is deployed on the seabed. This design is used to avoid shadowing from gear located above the hydrophone.

SPL 1-1000Hz

The spectrum during one day partitioned into data sets. The slow raise of the graphs with the maximum at about 500 Hz is indicative for ship noise. There is a lot of detailed information that will be analyzed and hopefully explained. More about this later…


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